Monday, March 22, 2010

Great depression creative writting

Who: The man in the middle who is named Hal and is forty-three years old.
When: It is mid fall and he was depending on his job to take care of his two teenage daughters and his wife.
Where: Living in California but wishes he could be living back in Kansas, where he grew up.
What: Three days ago he was laid off from his job in the wood mill, He is loitering outside because he doesn't know how to tell his wife that he lost his job and she thinks he's at work. He is thinking of how to break it to his family.
How: His company had to lay him off because they think since he is getting older they replaced him with a migrant worker coming in from Nevada. He is losing his house and will have to sell it and move onto the road with his family and the money he got from the house.
Why: He keeps going because he is still raising his daughters. He loves his wife and wants to be able to work, have a happy family to raise his daughters and build a good future for them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Race relations: Great Depression

I am writing a blog based on the varied race respect during the early 1930's. During the Great Depression in the early 1930's in northern cities, whites fired an African American for every white American who was jobless. When president Franklin Roosevelt was elected, he made it a goal to give African Americans what he said to be "A sense of belonging that they never experienced before". Franklin Roosevelt was also known to have multiple African American advisors in the white house. When Americans were initiated into World War II, The labor leader, Asa Philip Randolph was threatening Washington D.C. that he would organize a protest against job discrimination in law enforcement, military, and other state defense jobs.